Content Creators

Jay Jones Media

Knowledge is power I will say it over and over again, For me and you to live our Best lives we must strive to better educate our selves. That is my goal here at Jay Jones Media, to learn and Unlock my mind and help you and others do the same through the content I put out like & subscribe.

Steve L-TT

I am a born and raised Albertan that wants the best for his brothers and sisters. I respect all opinions but may not agree with all. Regardless of that fact “When truth matters”, I’ll do my best to bring it.

Cool Explorations

Cool Explorations is a channel for Tony Peters and his kids to relax, unwind and bring enjoyment to other people. They have travel, hobby, kids activities for the children, for adults the channel has product reviews, unboxings, politics, and mental health awareness. An eclectic and fun channel, that still manages to tackle life's serious issues.

Northernlights Project

This channel is run by an energetic member with unique views on hard topics. He too is one of the founders of Unify the West.

All Things Albertan

All Things Alberta, hosted by C.C. Michael, is a show primarily about political challenges facing both Alberta inside confederation and outside confederation. All topics are on the table, all sides welcome. A place to challenge and think clearly about all things Alberta.