Our Mission

We at Unify The West are dedicated to progressing the agenda of Western independence and creating a prosperous, free and safe society for the people of the West.
Our primary goal is to unify the various movements seeking Western independence in order to collaborate and craft a better deal for the Western provinces. This is a volunteer movement ran by and for the people of the West that welcomes multiple approaches provided they all aim to achieve the same thing - significant and meaningful reform for Western Canada.

Our Methods

-Contacting Municipal Districts in Alberta to force the hand of the provincial government
-Pushing a petition for a plebiscite in Saskatchewan on the questions of separation and confederation
-Working with various independence parties in Alberta (Primarily, Alberta Advantage Party, as well as FCP and AIP)
-Encouraging the people of the West to use and support Western businesses
-Repairing relationships with First Nations and including First Nations as primary stakeholders in the movement.
-Organizing local events, charitable causes, and peaceful protests to promote the movement.
-Holding regular townhalls, both on the Discord server and in local communities.
-We encourage participating in constitutional conventions and are committed to having a constitution drafted that works for the people of the independent west.
-Forming a non profit organization and create an affiliated hub website for the separatist movement